Many people asked Hot Cross team to showing the specific traits which eligible for NFT Staking.
If you want to granted their wish, it’s okay.
But Cooldown periods/Lock after they’ve entered in a pool is a must.
(Not after the pool duration ends, but immediately lock after entered)
Because if you didn’t do that,
Once the eligible traits were announced or shown for the next NFT staking, those traits will be hunted on the market.
People who pay attention to the news of which traits are eligible for staking will set high selling price.
And people who didn’t pay attention, but their bosses were already on sale. Their eligible traits bosses will be instantly sold.
And after the NFT staking period ends or still in progress but new eligible traits for new pool are announced, some people will dumped off the previous eligible traits and hunting the new one.
(Those who bought cheap from seller who didn’t pay attention will dumped off harder)
I believe this is not healthy, same as Hotcross single sided pool on IHO.
In my opinion, there are 3 ways to prevent pump & dump on CB’s NFT staking :
1.Cooldown periods/Lock
2.Set max staked NFT per wallet
3.Rewards very very small for each pool
I hope it’s a great suggestions and you can considering it 🤝🐷🌭
Many thanks,