Ask for an email to get all the details of the minted NFT. As soon as I finished the process, I leaved to make a twitter and didn't save the NFT info/links,it would be nice to get all the info with FAQ by mail.
I didn't understand what "Custom Properties" refers to. Is it the price value? You should add a realistic example because in "Name" the example is 10. Or maybe you could try adding a "?" that show more info when clicked, I think that could be helpful.
Choosing the network or sending a warning message of the selected network before creating the NFT. I logged from trust wallet and didn't realize it will automatically be created on bsc network.
Add a link on your official Webpage. I know it is still in Beta but I think it could give more visibility.
Everything else was amazing, wooohooo I minted my first NFT, thanks for the great opportunity to be part of this community :D
Jose Pariente